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Lead Designer

I am a highly-skilled branding professional with over 8 years of experience. Fluent in brand strategy, identity and logo design, I’ve worked for a large number of clients and brands. I also have experience with start-ups and new business development. I enjoy working with founders and entrepreneurs in the critical early stages of brand strategy development, naming, and brand identities.
My specialties include: Branding/Logo Design, Corporate Brand Identity, Graphic Design, Art Direction, Digital Design, Adobe Creative Suite and Wix

Feel free to view my personal portfolio here.

RGY Studio

Our Team


Director of RGY Freelance

I began in design 9 years ago, as a hobby, helping to promote indie music gigs around the world. This grew into a full-time career working for clients in all fields, designing social media graphics and campaigns, cutting videos and doing short IG video posts, as well as building websites and spreadsheets for busy entrepreneurs to help organize their sales and life. I love working remotely while traveling the world and am always excited to take on new clients and learn new solutions to everyone's digital dilemas.

Feel free to contact me directly at


Lead Developer

I am an IT enthusiast who's interest in programming began by creating intricate MS-DOS batch files in the mid 90's. I am proficient in many aspects of IT, and have a passion for design. I have a good set of valuable qualities (both creative as well as technical), with a strong focus on usability. I am highly competent in both the front-end and back-end – creating websites and CMS systems from scratch, as well as working on highly scalable systems. A creative at heart, I have worked on both web and print design and am excited to take on new challenges to build the designs of your dreams!


Social Media Manager

Traveling for the last 10 years, observing people and learning what makes them tick, I moved comfortably into social media management. Focusing on aesthetics, I have loved helping clients curate better content, write snappier copy, and trim things down to what appeals to their target markets. Since joining RGY, I have relished watching our clients increase traffic on all their platforms. Our team is young, aggressive, and always ready to take on new accounts from a small business’ Facebook page to the burgeoning Instagram influencer or next YouTube sensation!

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