There's so much awesome at Zandari every year, but today, we bring you our favorite surprises of Seoul's indie music showcase, 2019!

Combining classic tones with folk and rock, get to know Korean indie artists Monoban. Beyond Kpop, get to know Krock and more with our Bands of the Week!

Our Band of the Week band awareness series continues with number 18, Korea's uber-talented Adios Audio! This trio of emo-pop indie rockers captured the hearts of the peninsula from their very first official performance at our very own RoK of March series back in 2016 a...

Get ready for a mood-altering, heart-spinning, grungy experience with Seoul's incredibly powerful DIEALRIGHT!

Love Korean music? This week, we have the pleasure of featuring our good friends and one of the best blues-rock bands on the planet, Billy Carter!

A special Band of the Week post today featuring BRAND NEW lyric videos for two of our early BOTW! Korean Indie Rock at it's finest, it's a "karaoke" special!

Transcendental, 60's fueled, psychedelic rock hippies, Blue Turtle Land are our Band of the Week for week 13! Get to know them with a quick 10 minute read!

This week, we introduce some of our favorite punks in Seoul, Reddot! They're young, dirgy, aggressive and can pump up a crowd in moments!

...and was most struck by their unique and entertaining chemistry on stage, as well as their versatile and catchy song-writing. Manju's vocals ring beautifully over the carefully crafted melodies and rhythms of the band...

United States, South Africa, Russia. That's where we're from.

Ecuador, South Korea, United States. That's where we live for now.

As the main travel blogger for RoK Gi Yeon, I'll be enlightening you on all of the places I have been... Starting with where I've been this ye...

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In Case You Missed It… (Our) Best Surprises of Zandari Festa 2019

29 Mar 2020

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