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Adios Audio | BOTW 18

Our Band of the Week band awareness series continues with number 18, Korea's uber-talented Adios Audio! This trio of emo-pop indie rockers captured the hearts of the peninsula from their very first official performance at our very own RoK of March series back in 2016 and have continued to impress their fans with gorgeous music and a heart-felt, energy-filled, soulful stage presence. The trio consists of vocalist/guitarist Maho Yang, keyboardist Hojae Lim and drummer Seungjun Kim. Get to know them and get all the feels from their delicate musicality and Maho's addictive vocals in our brief intro video:

So, what's in a name?

When the trio got together, they decided they wanted to focus on live performances and getting to meet people, rather than on just recorded audio. Thus, they said adios to audio and hola to live shows and new friends!


Album Story

Just because they said adios to solely recorded audio didn't stop them from getting some recording down! Their first EP released with rousing success in the Korean scene and will only continue to gain popularity as it spreads across the globe. Here is our mini review along with the links you need to get more:

Season 1 (2017) - EP

Their debut EP is a beautifully recorded masterpiece with each song highlighting the band's songwriting and instrumental skills. The mixing is artfully done with each instrument shining through while blending together to form powerful waves on which Maho's glowing vocals surf. The songs showcase the range of each member with softer pop tracks balanced with heavier rock tracks, all with the angelic keys sparkling throughout. There's even one of Hojae's own compositions in the mix, which provides a wonderful instrumental break, bookended after the last song with an instrumental take on another track. Through the heavy along with the lighter songs, Seungjun's drums drive the music with a subtle power that gets you up and swinging. With 6 tight tracks (+ a bonus), you can't go wrong jumping in at number 1, Bam Bam Bam, and diving through the whole album!


Live Story

Even in their name, Adios Audio is all about their live sets. Coming together after the immensely popular and frequent performers Oops Nice split, the band brings a wealth of performance experience to this otherwise young band which makes for powerful, energetic and emotionally-driven shows. You will immediately be taken in by the passion and joy with which they each play, and can't help but get hooked on Maho's voice from the very first notes. Then, when it's over and your talking music and life over a drink, you'll have three new friends you'll feel like you've known your whole life. We know their gigs well, after all, their first was at our own show!

Here's what to expect from an Adios live set:

-Hojae will hammer the keys while singing and jumping with the rhythm pouring out of his pores as if covering the entire stage.

-Maho will light up the room with a smile and soft words and then floor the crowd with her powerful vocals.

-Seungjun will catch waves in the back and land hard through the chorus'.

While you wait for your next or first chance to see them in a club near you, check out this clip from their 2nd anniversary showcase at Club FF in Seoul!


Song Story

We adore all of their music, both the recorded set as well as all of the tracks you'll exclusively hear live... for now. Since it is BOTW time, and we need 5, we'll give you one coded word on 5 of the 6 (plus) songs off the EP to help you learn why they're amazing, just to show you how much we love it!

"Adios" Why? Ascent!

"Remains" Why? Reflection!

"Like Snow" Why? Grace! "Knock" Why? Twilight! "Firefly" Why? Elevation!

And the highlight of our week, our karaoke-styled lyric video for Like Snow so you can sing along, find the meaning and practice some Korean!

Catch up with Adios Audio on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter!


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~Keep RoKing my friends!~

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