Karaoke Special! | Drain 드레인

Whenever I'm feeling....anything, I put on a little Drain and I feel....everything! Her voice completely melts through me and I find myself singing along within minutes. As such, I thought it only fair that I share a new lyric video with you so you can sing along too! (Bonus for me, I got to listen to this beautiful song on repeat to get all the lyrics right!)


Enjoy our latest lyric video entry here, with Korean in both 한글 and phonetic English spelling, plus with the English translation below so you can understand all the love in the song!

 The sky has a pretty face.
As you have a pretty face.
A delicate scent emerges.
And your mind is truly beautiful.



You are a truly beautiful person.
You are a truly wonderful person.
You are a truly beautiful person.
You are a truly wonderful person.


Just like a cute cat,
when I see you, I smile.




Learn more about Drain and buy some music here!

~Keep RoKing my friends!~

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