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Indonesian Rock | New Music from Lightcraft!

The greatest thing that happens when you dive into the indie music scene around the world is that you realize there is new, phenomenal, powerful, stunning music being created, recorded, performed and produced every single day. So much so, that sometimes it takes us a while to write about all the things we want to.

So today, thanks to the band themselves (thanks Imam!), we got an early listen to this track and bring you our review of Lightcraft's latest single, Walk On Fire. There are elements of this song that have become familiar to us Lightcraft fans, but mixed with a new power I hear coming through from all of the members as they share their passion for music, life, love, and all that fills the gaps in between. As with all of their music, there is a delightful balance between powerful keys, synth and drums with soft guitars and verses hollowed out to showcase their passionate vocals. In Walk On Fire, though, the dichotomy between the powerful chorus and soft-spoken verses is an elegant representation of the melding of sadness and hope within the song. The sing-along-worthy "Oh"s start right at the front with the music building up with the driving drums towards Imam's soft, impactful, verses. Cut to the pre-chorus as the music and lyrics build to an emotional high in the chorus. My heart instinctively warms as a smile crosses my lips with each, "Walk on fire, into the night we'll find our way." Indeed, in love and life we all walk on fire at times, and this wonderful new offering from Indonesia's fantastic pop-rock outfit Lightcraft reminds us to stay hopeful and leave our mark in the face of a life too short.

Have a listen for yourself here at Bandcamp, and then share some love and buy a copy!

edited by: Nadia Arnold


Learn more about Lightcraft here, and stay tuned to our page for all things rock and indie from all over the world!

~Keep RoKing my Friends!~

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