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Week 14 of our Band of the Week series brings you Korean singer, guitarist, songwriter, producer extraordinaire, JVNR! He is a very good friend of ours and lead guitarist and vocalist for Korean indie rock bands WhoWho and Project:Impair. JVNR has embarked on a solo world tour showcasing his music and producing ability to audiences all over the world. At the time of writing, he is in Berlin with plans to head to the US on March 11th. Follow him and his travels on Facebook and Instagram! 🌍

JVNR, or Jun as we know him, writes in a variety of styles and his new sound showcases a mixture of rock, electronica, pop, new wave and dance music with his passionate vocals ringing over the top and capturing listeners' hearts. Get a taste yourself with our intro video:

Now then, let's dig into the music! 🤘


Album Story

JVNR is a new project from this well-recorded artist, so rather than full album releases, he's been recording while he travels the globe and you can find his tracks as they go live on Bandcamp.

You'll see more on the songs below, but here we'll give you our mini-reviews of his current recordings as well as the link to buy:

City Light

An upbeat track with a sense of longing in the vocals mixed with dance-paced synth. The pre-chorus builds beautifully and is capped by an addictive chorus you'll be singing along with in no time!

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Dreamy synth with funk-inspired guitar riffs give this track a deliciously ethereal feel. I adore JVNR's vocals on this one, hence it's selection for our lyric video (check it out in the song story below). Get inspired with this one!

Pick up both of these tracks to get some new music for your next gathering and be ready for when JVNR rolls into your city!


Live Story

Not just for Korea anymore, JVNR is touring the world, so people nearly everywhere are getting the chance to see him live! People have been loving his live sets, fantastic songs and electric energy.

I have seen Jun perform dozens of times, but while we are both traveling the globe right now, we have never been in the same place at the same time. Nevertheless, there are a few things I can tell you for sure about a JVNR live show:

  • Despite touring alone in unfamiliar lands, he will take the stage with confidence and move seamlessly from synth beats to blazing guitar to powerful, emotional, vocals!

  • He'll greet you with a smile and if you know a good place, join you for a drink after his set.

  • His chorus' will hit you deep in your heart and you'll find yourself singing with him by the end of each song.

Check out this video from Taipei, early in his tour:

A bonus for our live section, read here a lovely interview all about his tour!


Song Story

We've already told you a bit about each of his tracks, so you know our recommendation will be both of them! But here, we'll give you two words about each because, well, we love it!

Citylight - the highs! 🎤

A Midsummer Night's Dream - the heart! ❣️

As always, we'll close out Band of the Week 14 with our favorite piece of hard work, the RoK Gi Yeon lyric video for A Midsummer Night's Dream!

Sing along with this emotional track and fall in love with JVNR!


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~Keep RoKing my friends!~

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