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Band of the Week 4 - Drain

Keeping with the trend of something completely different each week, today we bring you singer-songwriter Drain!

This talented songwriter will have you rapt in her velvet voice from the first note (just turn up the volume on our video, a live track!, and you'll see what I mean) 😍

Drain expresses inner stories through a combination of warm folk guitar and unique vocal tones. In a word, her music is simply, beautiful 💗

And beyond the music, she is a beautiful soul who exhibits nothing but pure warmth to every crowd who has the pleasure of watching her play.

What's in a name?

While listening to Nirvana's “Drain You,” she felt like she wanted to drain something from her mind into her songs and music. And thus, Drain was born.

Enjoy a peaceful journey this week with a softer side of Korean indie 💞


Album Story

Her discography with mini-reviews plus links to buy! 🤩

Drain (2015) - Single

Opening with a soft acoustic track that highlights Drain's voice incredibly well, followed by a b-side that is melancholy-esque and featured on the soundtrack for the Korean film “Dear..Lena.” An excellent introduction to her sound and unique voice!

Silly Joke (2016) - Single

A piano track featuring hushed, yet prominent vocals that will wake you up in the morning, hum in your head all day and put you to bed at night.

Flower on my Head (2017) - EP

Drain's first EP featuring 4 songs ranging from soft and haunting beauty, to wonderfully harmonized reggae, to a fuller sway-inspiring jazz beat and rounding out with a slightly pop piano ballad that is featured in the Korean drama Age of Youth. Warm up a drink tonight and listen to this album in front of a fire, and thank me in the morning!

Girl from the Ocean (2017) - Single

Also called "Sea Girl," this latest single from Drain features more of her range and has a playful melody we could listen to on repeat for days 😊

We like to include some reviews from other sources on album day, but this time, we are excited to offer you this beautiful collective review of almost all of the music mentioned above. Thank you Inspire Me Korea!!^^

You can preview all of the beautiful music before you choose your favorites. As always, songs cost like a buck, so help support this amazing artist!


Live Story

Wake your heart up with a dose of Drain LIVE!

If you've been keeping up with us this week, you know that Drain is a profound, emotional singer-songwriter and to hear her live set is something you definitely don't want to miss. She speaks through her music in such a beautiful way, you can't help but be captivated by her from the start 💗

What can you expect at a live show?

-A humble woman will quietly take the stage and introduce herself respectfully before baring her heart and mind.

-Her voice will reach into your heart and bring up thoughts, new and old, as you melt into her music.

-You'll try, successfully, to talk to her after the show, and be glad you did 😊

We were lucky enough to be introduced to Drain through mutual friends and are so very grateful to now count her as one of our dear friends and favorite artists.

Trust us, you will fall in love with the first note, so don't miss your chance when she plays a stage near you!

Check out this short set from Sound Mind/Open Mind earlier this year 🎼


Song Story

In the spirit of getting to know Drain a little (better) this week, we'll close out with the most important part, the songs!

Listening to Drain live, you'll easily hear a few EPs-worth of songs, but with only one EP recorded and available to purchase, we thought we'd focus today on RoK Gi Yeon's top 3 unreleased songs, and covers, with just a few words on why we love them (plus a couple bonus songs)! Watch the videos that follow and you'll fall in love too 💗

Little Squirrel on a Little Road (작은 오솔길에 작은 다람쥐) - Beautiful guitar picking filled in with Drain's beautiful melody.

Insomnia (불명증) - It speaks to me, with that chorus “Is sleep coming?”, lulling me softly…

I Felt Free (자유를 느꼈네) - The rhythm, the melody, all perfection 😊

So much amazing music from such an amazing human, we'd love to feature her again and again!! 🤘

To help you get into her music even more, check out her track "On a Day Like This" with lyrics in both English and Korean here.

Plus, we've done a karaoke video special on Drain here!

AND, a rare chance to hear Drain singing in English, check out this cover of Bob Dylan's “Knocking on Heaven's Door"!

We hope you enjoyed spending a week with this wonderful artist.


~Keep RoKing my friends!~

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