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Band of the Week 5 - Messgram

Things are getting heavy this week with Messgram, a 5-piece hard rock band out of Seoul, Korea! 🤘

Described as a mix of post-grunge, metal, trance and post-hardcore all coming together into a sound all their own. The first things you'll hear when you press play is a driving guitar with aggressive distortion, incredible screams followed by beautiful melodies. It is a truly powerful sound that will get you jumping and keep you hooked!

What's in a name?

Disorder (mess) united into one unit (gram).

Each member, with a different style and taste, formed a unity that organizes the mess they each created.

Release your inner rock-child this week with the one and only, Messgram!! 🤘


Album Story

As you know, now we've got their discography, some RGY mini-reviews, and a bunch of links to learn about the albums, listen to the albums, and how to go out and buy them… support indie rock! 🤘

This is a mess, but it's us (2014) - EP

Aggressive guitars, drums and screams throughout, with haunting chorus lines that draw you in before you're thrown back against the wall in classic headbanging glory. Don't miss a note of track 2, their first hit and instant classic, Every Moment!

read about it: No English reviews available. So, buy it, write a review, and send it to us for an awesome prize!!

listen to it

buy it

Eternal Craving (2016) - EP

This album showcases the broad range of this organized disorder. From the orchestral opener to the beautiful and crushing Hollow Dream to the emotional ballad Patterns (and even a club mix!), this EP has it all. Plenty to sing with, scream with, trance with and of course, a great reason to headbang like no one's watching! 🤘

read about it

listen to it

buy it

Their recordings, like their concerts, like the people, are all FANTASTIC! Do yourself a favor and spend a little time and money on something loud, passionate, and awesome!


Live Story

Seeing a band live, in our opinion, is the only way to truly understand them. Catching a Messgram show will not only personally introduce you to these rockers, but it will also blow you away from the first drum beat to the last scream. They have already been abroad to Europe and elsewhere in Asia and you may find them in your area soon, so like their page and keep up with their tour plans!

Check out the video below for a taste, and as always, here's what to expect from a Messgram set:

-Jahnny's energy will punch through in his soul-shattering screams and get you shouting your lungs out.

-Ji-young will unleash powerful rock spirit out of a tiny frame and floor you with her beautiful choruses.

-Soojin will drive the music with thunderous drumming along with crushing bass lines from Chanhyun.

-Yushik's speed and aggressive guitar will get you jumping and letting go with some therapeutic headbanging!

Find your combat boots and your best rocking outfit and get yourself to their gig the first chance you can! 🤘


Song Story

We hope, after this week, you are a little more familiar with the hard-rocking organized disorder known as Messgram! As always, we close out with the most important part, the songs! 🎸

Messgram has a mess of great songs available to listen to and buy, but here for you are our top 5 with just one word why (plus a link to a video):

"Hollow Dream" Why? Powerful

"Every Moment" Why? Darkness 🖤

"Blindfold" Why? Stunning 🤘

"Patterns" Why? Pure 🖤

"Facing Our Fears" Why? Explosive!