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Band of the Week 3 - Ego Function Error

Ego Function Error, 에펑, takes punk rock's typical 3-chord style and adds a psychedelic flavor to spread their message of protest and standing up for the wrongs in society.

Ego is a pure psychedelic punk rock 4-piece out of Seoul, Korea, represented by the incredible Valiant Records. We at RoK Gi Yeon ADORE this band and we hope after reading this, you will too!

What's in a name?

For Ego, it means simply - “crazy person”

All you need to do is have fun with their music and feed off their endless energy as you jump along with them!

And by the way, if you find yourself in Seoul someday, make sure you look these amazing people up before and after their shows to get a taste of what the Korean indie scene is all about 💚


Album Story

A short discography with mini reviews and links~

Click the links and buy these! Yesterday!

Ego Function Error (2015) - LP

Not what you’ll hear from EFE on newer tracks, this album is, if in only one word, FUN! Not an easy one to see in print or to listen to online, but you can, and should, buy it for sure. It's a lot like a first date, that you will want to repeat! Take our word for it and give this band’s first record a listen, you'll at the very least get some aural exercise.

read about it:

Support the hard-working band and buy it, then write a review and send it our way!

hear it:

We really want you to buy their records, so I'll just link you to this live cut of 파인 (Fine) to give you a taste.

EpEpShake (2016) - “EP” (51 minutes)

Ego at their finest, this album starts out by testing your clapping skills, moves on to tickle your weirdness and rocks you all the way through. We can't get enough of this EP, and once you check it out, you'll know why! If you find yourself putting it on repeat, even just to try to understand it, send us a blurb about your favorite track and we'll reward you with a classic RGY gift pack!

Oh, also, when you just need to try the latest drink or plant or whatever, cue up track 5 (Error Zam) and let it melt into you~

hear it:

Again, buy their records, but for a taste, here's one of my favorite live cuts of “Fxxk You Very Much,” (my first recommendation), literally from a bus, at our favorite rock festival in Korea!

buy it Find the whiskey, embrace the crazy, and drug your ears with some music you haven't heard enough!

As always, a huge thank you to The Valiant Records for being an amazing label bringing fantabulous music to us all, and for being amazing friends and people~ 💙


Live Story

An experience all its own, let’s talk Ego LIVE!

As you have learned, Ego Function Error means simply, “crazy person.” This is an excellent lead-in to what a live Ego show is like. Their music is quirky, fun, explosive and rhythmic all at the same time. Whether you listen to their EP on repeat for weeks leading up to a show, or catch them on a bill without having heard a note, you’ll be jumping, clapping, and jamming along with them within the first few minutes of their set. They are that electric :)

So besides amazing music and a fun time, what can you expect at a live show?

-Kook-Kook (guitar) will be wearing something awesome, play with impressive speed and physical agility and take the mic for a series of fantastically dark growls.

-Min-Jung (vocals) takes on all facets of a Korean singer and will be the biggest Ego fan at the show.

-No-ja (drums) will keep you clapping and smiling and Seung-Hyun (bass) may just steal your heart.

We have had the pleasure of seeing them all over Seoul, at some of RoK Gi Yeon’s own shows, and even in Tokyo!

Trust us, you will have more fun than you’ve had in a long time when you get the chance to see them do their thing on stage.

While you wait for your next chance, check out this clip from Zandari Festa 2016 (where the world's indie rock scene converges on Hongdae, Seoul each year).


Song Story

We hope you've gotten to know Ego Function Error a little (better), and now we'll close out BOTW week 3 with the most important part, the songs!

Since Ego's main official release is a 5-song EP, we thought we'd give a quick run-down of the songs (with just a couple words about them) and share a link to a rocking video of each track!

AYA” - Quirky, fun and with a clap you’ll want to master instantly!:

Han Oll Rock” - Groovy blues-inspired track with an addictive chorus:

“Fxxk You Very Much” - Rocking, fast, get up and jump around!:

With In A Dream” - Trippy riff, spacey rock all around, lots of solos and jams when live.

Error Zam” - “Zam” is a Korean way to say “Jam,” and that’s just what this is, a half-hour jam session with these rad rockers!

Too much to love about this The Valiant Records' band, one post just really isn't enough!!

To help you get into them even more, check out this video of“Han Oll Rock” and check out the lyrics below to help you rock along with them! (This one is all Korean, so it will take a bit of practice to get the pronunciation right)

dalbiteul bata biti naneun geol

mueonga dareun oneul

geouleul bogo nolratdane

neukkimi dareun oneul

siseonman jugo bateun neungcheongmateun na

bukkeureoum maneun neo

urin seoro kkeulriji

eongttunghan malirado uteojwo

gakkawojil su itge

nae gaseume kkoti pieotne

gandanhi yaegihal su eopneun sairado

dasineun dolaoji aneul i bame

udukeoni meon gotman boneun neo

musimhae musimhae musimhae

ipsuleul saljjak kkaemuleoboja

eoyeoppeo boidorok

geouleul bol ttae nolratjana

neukkimi dareujana

got dolaondadeoni an ona

chanbaram ssalssalhande

garodeung bul arae

han sarami ttubeokttubeok geoleoone

sseulsseulhae haetdeon naui maeumeul

nunchichaego salmyeosi

dagawaseo anatne

eongttunghan malirado uteoteo

deo gakkawojil su itge

nae gaseume kkoti pieotne

gandanhi yaegihal su eopneun sairado

dasineun dolaoji aneul i bame

jakkuman gakkawojineun nawa geudae

nae gaseume kkoti pieotne

gandanhi yaegihal su eopneun sairado

dasineun dolaoji aneul i bame

jakkuman gakkawojineun uri

~Keep on RoKing my friends!~

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