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Band of the Week 2 - HEO

"HEO magically blends dream pop & shoegazing sound in a language of electronica.”

HEO (Hey-Oh) as described by Younha Kim of the Korean Music Award Committee and I couldn't have said it better myself.

HEO is a duo out of Seoul, Korea led by HEO himself on vocals, guitars, bass, synth and programming with Kim Boyeong on vocals, keys and bass.

HEO casts a dream pop sound mixed with post-rock and electronica which can't help but give you a warm feeling from your toes, through your dancing hips straight to your heart.

Just your first taste of this incredible duo. Lots more below!

Aside from being an amazing band, they are also amazing people and you will not regret following them everywhere:




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Now, let's talk albums! A short discography with mini-reviews, and check below for links (music, videos, purchasing and more)!

Luna (2009)

1st single

Stunningly passionate dream-pop with a brilliant video to match!

LightGoldenrodYellow (2009)

1st album

Decidedly more pop with soft vocals throughout. We love the acoustic guitar on the lullabye-esque track 8, Overpass! Beautiful piano melodies find their home in nearly every other track.

Structure (2014)


First album for the duo, from the opener through the bookend at track 9, this genre-shifting LP deserves to be listened to straight through. It is a beautiful showcasing blend of the band’s musical and vocal talents. Don’t miss the powerful track 3, Word of Silence!

Sleep Tight (2015)


A driving track with electronica mixing perfectly with alt-rock, Sleep Tight takes love songs to the next level. Check out their thought-provokingly dark video below!Mono Sand Hill (2016) - single - We absolutely LOVE this track! Find your dancing shoes and enjoy the ride~ Boyeong’s vocals are a dream throughout :)