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Band of the Week 8 - Jun Bum Sun and the Yangbans

We are soooo excited to share anything and everything about this band! Jun Bum Sun and the Yangbans are a unique and supremely talented 4-piece rock-and-roll-traditional-fusion powerhouse out of Seoul, Korea. They have JUST released their incredible third album, Vagabond Songs, so we'll be hitting you daily with news about them. We're starting off today with our meet the band video and the promise of LOTS more to come!

Meet JBS and the Yangbans! (Audio: Mandala)


Album Story

With their brand-new album, Jun Bum Sun and the Yangbans have again put together an incredible musical experience. Today we highlight the band's three albums to date, with our mini-reviews and links to learn more and buy!

Love Songs (2014)

A softer version of what they are now, this album reminds us of some great classic rock in its pure beauty. It's a pleasure listening to the vocals softly weaving their way through this passionate album. Be sure to check out track 4, Circle, to hear what brought JBS and the Yangbans together!

Read about it: As always, send us a review and if we like it, you win a rad prize!

Listen to it: You'll have to buy it to get more than the iTunes preview 😀

Revolution Songs (2016)

This record is pure rock energy at the start, with a soft finish that showcases the various talents of the entire band. Endless catchy riffs, captivating melodies and powerful vocals throughout, this album has something for everyone, and everything for us! The entire album is absolutely brilliant, but if we must choose just one to recommend, we'll go with track 3, Fire, for it's big guitars and classic sound 🤘

Read about it: As always, send us a review and if we like it, you win a rad prize!

Vagabond Songs (2017)

Perfect! From start to finish, their brand-new record is so good, we hear it while we sleep and wake up aching to listen again! Every song hits hard, some with pure energy, some with a softness that is wonderfully disarming. Seriously, buy this album NOW! Until then, check out track 4, Bang Bang Circus, for an amazing song you'll be singing along with in 2 minutes 😉


Live Story

If you've been listening this week, you already know that their records are amazing. Today, we'll tell you about how incredible it is to see them perform. More than the look and the skill, Jun Bum Sun and the Yangbans live is a powerful experience filled with energy that keeps the crowd up, jumping and screaming through their sets. Get on their Facebook page and find out when they may be playing near you soon! 🤘

Here's what to expect at a live show:

-The drum. Jun Bum Sun will have a traditional Korean drum, Buk, on stage and will bang the crap out of it during some of their songs! 🥁

-The vocals will floor you. 💚

-The Yangbans will look and sound like classic rock and rollers. 🤘

Check out this powerful performance from Gwanghwamun in Seoul:


Song Story

Happy new year! With the close of 2017 comes the close of Band of the Week, week 8. Today, it's all about the songs. Here is our not-to-miss 5 songs of Jun Bum Sun and the Yangbans, along with a word on why:

"Bang Bang Circus" Why? Fun! 😉

"Farewell" Melancholy 💜

"Revolution" Why? Drum! 🥁

"Jihwaja" Why? Rock! 🤘

"Mandala" Why? Epic! 🎼

You'll find most of these tracks on their latest album, of course, because we absolutely LOVE IT!!

Here's your bonus for this one, a Bang Bang Circus lyric video to help you sing along! (we put in a little English for the repeated parts as well, so you know what you're singing 😜)


~Keep RoKing my friends!~

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