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Lightcraft | BOTW 16

Week 16's Band of the Week takes us back off the peninsula to beautiful Jakarta, with Indonesian indie rockers/dream-pop artists, Lightcraft! From our very first virtual chat with Imam, we knew we had met someone special, but when we finally got to know the band in person, it was one of the warmest encounters we've ever experienced. You only have to chat with them for 5 minutes to know that two things flow freely throughout them - music and kindness. We first saw Lightcraft perform in 2015 for our RoK Around the World international indie showcase and were immediately taken by their melodic tones, deep range and the pure happiness they pour out of themselves while they play. We're excited to share a brief intro to all that is Lightcraft this week, and we'll start it off with our intro video featuring a clip from Another Life, off their most recent EP:

Get ready to warm up your heart 💗


Album Story

The Modern Seasons (2006) - EP

The first official release from the band, the songs showcase their romantic and dreamy side through their early songwriting. There is a passion in everything they do, and while you may have a hard time finding this album, you should grab one if you get the chance!

Buy it (ask the band directly)

Read about it - find a copy, write a review, send to us and have a chance at RGY prize!

Losing Northern Lights (2008) - LP

Their debut album, there is a wide variety to please any softer rock fan and as always, a wealth of thought-provoking lyrics. I was immediately taken by the beautiful, albeit heart-wrenching, Those Beautiful Shapes. If you're trying before you're buying, that's the one to check out first!

Buy it: Hit up the coolest record store you know!

Read about it - find a copy, write a review, send to us and have a chance at RGY prize!

Colours Of Joy (2014) - LP

Their second LP came after a long 6-year wait, but one that was incredibly well worth it! The songs range from romantic to haunting, guitar-driven folk to synth-heavy pop. It is filled with powerful, heartfelt music that will draw you in and warm the coldest parts of you. While I would certainly recommend Living in Words and Letters, there's more on that one below. Be sure to check out track 5 first, Bonfire, enjoy the floating keys and vocals, and then click "buy"!

Love Songs & Lullabies (2015) - Greatest Hits (Cassette)

This was a very cool cassette release featuring a selection of songs from all their previous releases, plus a wonderful bonus Indonesian track, Lupa! Also going to be hard to come by, but if you find one, buy it and let us know! We'll even reimburse you for whatever you paid if you let us check it out 😎

Buy it: Hit up the coolest record store you know!

Read about it - find a copy, write a review, send to us and have a chance at RGY prize!

Kindred Spirit (2016) - Split EP

A very cool split EP, with 2 tracks each from Lightcraft and New Jersey's indie rockers Wyland. This was kind of a "shared single" with Lightcraft treating fans to two songs from their upcoming release. Always great to be able to get tastes of bands like this!

Buy it: Hit up the coolest record store you know!

Read about it - find a copy, write a review, send to us and have a chance at RGY prize!

Another Life (2016) - EP

This EP is absolutely stunning. Every time I listen, I simultaneously wonder how they know me so well and why I don't hear them in every film! Each track has a soft glow to it, with powerful lyrics and tight riffs throughout. Imam's vocals hit a beautiful range here and the recording wonderfully conveys the songwriting and musicality of the band. Start yourself off with the first track, A Perfect Kaleidoscope, and then treat yourself to the rest of the album. It's only 4 bucks!


????????? (we need to keep it a secret for now)

Lightcraft has new music in the works, and we've had the honor of being able to listen to a collection of tracks from this upcoming release. Hitting digital stores and the like soon, we could not be more excited about the official unveiling! Their newest songs feature an inspiring, almost urgent call to the heart. We'll be bringing you more about this very soon!

Buy it... the moment it's released! Like their page here to stay up to date on the release 🤟

Read about it in the coming weeks when we give you our full review!


Live Story

We are all about live music here at RoK Gi Yeon and we were truly lucky to get the chance to see these guys perform both at our show and during Hongdae's indie music showcase, Zandari Festa.

The energy you get from the band when you meet them for a drink is the same you get when they take the stage. It is one of true happiness at the wonders of life, love, loss, and music. They clearly feel the music pouring through their bodies and seem to exude happiness while they make the lucky souls in the audience dance, smile, sing and sometimes even cry.

Here's what you can expect at a Lightcraft gig:

-Yopi will drum with a smile and will shock you when he picks up the pace with sudden precision

-Imam will sing his way into your heart and find a nice place in there to keep you warm on the coldest of nights

-Enrico and Fari will pick up all the instruments in front of them and drive the emotion of the band

They have traveled the globe, including playing V-Rox in Vladivostok (Russia), SXSW in the US, Zandari and RoK Gi Yeon's RoK Around the World in Seoul (Korea), to name but a few, and will certainly find their way to a city near you someday. While you're waiting, enjoy them live, vicariously, with this clip of Starlit Eyes from our very own RoK Around the World 2015!


Song Story

With all of the new music coming from these guys over the past couple of years, it was hard to choose just five out of the collection to recommend to you, but we RoK'd our way through it for you! If you want to get into them a bit more, but you don't have time listen to a whole album (make time soon, as listening to a full album as it was meant to be heard, is powerful), check out these tracks first, each with a couple of fun "words" on why:

Starlit Eyes - dreamy-dancey-buildy

Living in Words and Letters - warmy-lovey-visiony

Lupa - emotiony-rhythmy-beaty

All In My Mind - thinky-swayey-tasty

Walk on Fire - quicky-floaty-riffy

And now our favorite part, the lyric video! This week we worked with Living in Words and Letters because, well, it's gorgeous 💜

Thanks for joining us on this journey through a bit of Indonesian indie with these beautiful artists!


Check out all of our Bands of the Week and stay tuned for lots more of K-Rock and more!

~Keep RoKing my Friends!~

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