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Monoban | BOTW 19

A sound like no other, Monoban are an impressively musically talented group of 4 artists who combine classical tones with modern flair. Their songs, as well as their personalities, are known for a fun-loving, poetic air with loads of creativity. In addition to fantastic songwriting, thought-provoking lyrics and lovely tone, their signature is the resonating cello that fills in many of the instrumental breaks and keeps the music close to your heart.

Get a taste of their sound with our introduction video!

What's in a name?

In Monoban's case, it's two simple thoughts. One, it just sounded nice! Two, a little homage to all the great records recorded in mono, a nod to the simple pleasure of great music.


Album Story

With twelve different songs spanning two albums, fans and first-timers alike have a great opportunity to embrace and cherish the delightful blend of instruments and stunning songwriting. Take a moment to enjoy our mini-reviews and check out the links to preview and buy these heartwarming records!

유령선 Ghost Ship (2014) - EP

Their first recordings highlight the guitar and cello with various percussion throughout, all with Day1's dulcet vocals ringing clearly over the top of this intimate EP. There is a rawness in this record, which is very refreshing in a folk record, and the highlight to me is definitely the unique songwriting style coming from this mixed-influence band. It's just 4 bucks to get your hands on, so check it out below!

Preview and BUY IT

Read about it: Send us the 1st review and we'll buy you a copy of the record!

Blue Mountain (2015) - LP

Like a childhood dream, this album flows through the twists and turns of the music as it carries you down an aural memory lane. Heartfelt emotion, fun-loving rhythms and beautifully crafted instrumentals make every song an instant favorite. Tracks 2 and 3 are featured in our videos for them, but also not to miss are the powerful Blue Mountain Breakup and classically weaving folk track, Bed and Orange. I've had this album on repeat all week and have had the delicate melodies in the backgrounds of my dreams. The mixing on this record is a fantastic blending of the various instruments, giving each its spotlight for just the right pieces and allowing them to come together for big choruses and powerful breaks. Check it out and get your copy below:

Preview and BUY IT

Read about it: Send us your review and if we post it, we'll buy you a copy of the record!


Live Story

This band is truly at home playing in front of people, be it on the street, in a basement club, in a meadow or at a festival, they love showcasing their music and connecting with any audience through their sound. They all play with a wonderful passion that warms my heart at every show, and are truly a pleasure to hear. They are in a recording and remixing phase these days, so chances to see them perform are a bit rare at the moment, but they'll be back out there delighting crowds soon enough. When it's your turn, here's what to expect at a Monoban live show:

- Day1 will play the acoustic with electric energy and deftly take his vocals through all genres with ease.

-George will put his heart into the cello and the resulting melodies, harmonies and scales will delight your ears from within.

-Hyunjoon will bring his trademark hair to the kit and drive the songs with a pure love of the music.

-Sunyoung is now on the bass and will add fullness to the live set, keeping the songs as big as you'll find them on the records.

Check out Blue Mountain Breakup live in Seoul while you wait for your chance to see them in person 🤘


Song Story

With truly amazing songwriting and instrumental skills, every Monoban track could be a favorite on any given day, but here are our 5 not-to-miss songs of the moment, with a few fun words on why:

March (행진가) - Why? Movement inspiration

유령선 (Ghost Ship) - Why? Where folk and dance meet

Take Off - Why? Flight of rhythm

TuTuTu - Why? Fancy free folk

당연히 안 괜찮지 (Of Course it's not OK) - Why? Whistling in the dark

(For any They Might be Giants Fans 😉)

Thus brings us to my number one song at the moment, Dandelion, with it's inspirational alliteration-filled lyrics and quick, hooking cello... enjoy it here in karaoke-esque splendor with our lyric video!


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~Keep RoKing my friends!~

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