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Band of the Week 6 - Phonebooth

We keep trying to mix up the styles so you can see just how wide the variety here is in Korean rock. So, this week we bring you the ear-friendly rock 'n' roll outfit, Phonebooth: a 5-piece band formed back in 2005 and fronted by the fun-loving Laser!

Known for their energy at live shows and passionate, catchy, alt-rock songs, this band is an instant favorite for any music fan.

Check out this video and get ready for lots of Phonebooth! This track is called 비극의 탄생 THE BIRTH OF TRAGEDY.


Album Story

This sections is here to help you decide where to spend your hard-earned 1, 3, or 10 bucks on something different, something cool, something K-Rock! 🤘

Here's Phonebooth's discography up until now, each with a RGY mini-review and with links at the bottom to learn more, listen more, and buy more!

The Way to Live On (2008) - Demo LP

We love the way this album gets the feet dancing and the mind remembering the glory days of rock and roll 😀 A fantastic first record for a talented band! For me, No Fiction (track 7), is the no miss off this one 🤘

Read about it: Another chance for a prize! Buy it, write a review, send it to us and you could win!

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By me, For me, Of me (2010) - LP

This album is frickin' fun as hell! Laser's vocal power really comes out on this one. And just for those of who remember Bono's inability to count to 4 in Spanish...make sure to check out track 6 on this one! 😜 (Plus it's an awesome song 🤘

Read about it: None yet, but buy it, write a review, send it to us and you could win a prize!

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Wonder (2014) - LP

Proper rock and roll that's easy on the ears, and a great way to get to know Phonebooth's style. Definitely check out track 2, Red Flowers, a fun mix of classic and melodic rock.

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Listen to it: Easier to buy this one, just 9 bucks!

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Prank (2015) - EP

This album, while shorter than the others at 5 songs, is absolutely beautiful. There are some wonderful messages in this one as well, starting off with "Flowers on the Waves," a song about the Sewol ferry disaster of 2014, a touching song with a powerful melody.

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Listen to it: You can preview it on iTunes and watch videos on YouTube, but rather support the band with 5 bucks and buy this treasure! 😀

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Civitas Project (2016) - Singles