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Band of the Week 12 - Reddot

This week, we introduce some of our favorite punks in Seoul, Reddot! They're young, dirgy, aggressive and can pump up a crowd in moments with their quick songs and catchy hooks. They are still catching up in the recordings department compared to our other BOTW, but their style and energy more than make up for it!

This is punk rock, in that classic Doc Marten, underground bar kinda way, so let's get right into it! 🤘


Album Story

The story goes like this, in the Korean indie scene, and in the Japanese one as well, a CD is a bit like a business card. So you better have one. Reddot has had a few business cards (some just one-offs), but we'll give you the internet's take on their discography with our own mini-reviews on each:

Reddot Demo (2015) – Demo

A handful of blistering tracks fueled with anger and humor, littered with punchy choruses you can sing along to easily.

Buy it! - Send us a message and we'll hook you up!

Read about it! Write a review and you could win with RGY!

One Gun (2015) – Single

A fantastic single (two tracks) with a B-side that was one of the first Reddot songs I got hooked on, Burning Up. The recording is tight and the songs quick and addictive.

Read about it! Write a review and you could win with RGY!

Juvenile (2016) – EP

​​I love this album! Having seen their sets countless times before this came out, it was just a big win for music fans to have all these tracks recorded together beautifully in a studio. Their biggest crowd-pleaser, Superhero, opens this 4 track EP with a kick that just keeps hitting you through to the end.

All three recordings are great, but if you're new to punk rock, their EP is an excellent intro. If you're a die-hard punk, then their EP is an excellent new entry that will fit tightly amongst your latest playlists.

We usually have more links for you here, but there just isn't much out there for the non-Korean speaking populace. So, if you want the single or the EP or any other tracks you can't find, message us and we'll hook you up! And… if you feel like writing a review, send it our way for a chance at a RGY gift!


Live Story

These three punks hit the stage with fervent aggression at each show and will have you stomping and kicking within minutes. The album is fabulous, but it's live where you'll really see them explode. In recent years, Arem has gotten more in-your-face confidence, and they have quickly become one of my favorite bands to rock out live with.

Here's what to expect at a live gig:

-Arem will surreptitiously blow you away. 🎸

-Sun9's blistering drums will light up the crowd.

-Hoyeon (JJ to some) will make you smile between screaming "f%#@"s.

They'll be touring more and more in the months and years to come (follow them on Facebook), but while you wait, check out Stay With Me live!


Song Story

Since I usually stick to recorded tracks, here are 5 of the 8 recorded songs you shouldn't miss, and why they kick ass:

Superhero – Choral Release

Burning Up – Banging Riffs

One Gun – Epic Thump

Stay with Me – Driving Connection

Fight – Wake Up!

And here it is, my favorite piece of the BOTW puzzle, our homespun lyric video for Superhero!

Play it thrice so you're ready for their set (at least the English bits) when they come to town!


~Keep RoKing my friends!~

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