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BOTW Special! | Wasted Ego

We've been at it for 15 weeks now, so a special Band of the Week post today featuring BRAND NEW lyric videos for two of our early BOTW!

First up, Wasted Johnnys! One of our, and Seoul's, favorites, this dirgy, blues-rock band features superb songwriting with funky, blues, blazing guitars and the one-of-a-kind Angie filling out her guitar riffs with powerful vocals that will keep you hooked. Follow along with her on their hit "Crossroad Meet the Devil," and remember, these electric ALL ENGLISH lyrics are not her first language 😎

Read all about them here!

And your second dose today- psychedelic rockers on the impeccable The Valiant Records, Ego Function Error! Fun, fun fun! Amazing band, amazing music, amazing people. Practice your Korean pronunciation and speed, PLUS, we even included the chorus in English so you know what that beautiful melody is all about 💚

Read all about Ego here!

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Follow all of our Bands of the Week here. Share this with your friends, enjoy the music, comment or message us to learn more, get more, RoK more!


~Keep RoKing my friends!~

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