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Blue Turtle Land | Band of the Week 13

Unless you're a monster, I'm sure you love Jimi Hendrix. Today, we bring you the modern homage, Korean psychedelic rock trio, Blue Turtle Land! Brought to us by peace, love and Happy Hippy Vibe, check out this quick intro to hear their phenomenal sound:

Blue Turtle Land are a unique psychedelic power trio consisting of keytar/vocals (Hong), bass (Young) and drums (Chanho), sounding much like Jimi and Cream. The band has its roots in the various psychedelic 60's bands such as Jefferson Airplane, Small Faces, Pink Floyd and also many blues and rock artists like Chuck Berry, Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker and Robert Johnson. The screaming keytar licks and tones take audiences back to the past and show them a glimpse of the future of psychedelic rock. They also take in styles from different cultures such as Korean, Indian, Arabic and African.

From the man, Hong, himself: "We all are living on this giant blue turtle, swimming freely in the vast universe. All you need to do is lay your body on the dynamic rhythms & grooves and let your soul ride the music!"

Enjoy the trip with the one and only, Blue Turtle Land!


Album Story

I could wax all day on how great these guys and their music are, but at this point, it's time for you to see for yourself. Check out their discography with our mini-reviews and some links to get more, more, more of this dynamic act!

Demo (2015) - EP

Bottom line, if you ever thought you couldn't shred on a piano, listen to the magic weaved with the keytar on every BTL track. This demo is such a lovely introduction to the hippy-vibing trio of hard-working artists you're soon to fall in love with.

Read about it: Listen to it, write a review, and send it our way for a sweet prize!

In Between Dreams and Reality (2017) - Double LP

This album is so frickin' good, I can't help but suggest you stop reading right now and go buy it! That being said, a proper, albeit short, review. This album kicks off with a funky, psychedelic punch and takes you on a ride through 2 CDs of peace-loving vibes. Hong's licks and his classic voice propel each track into your soul. Just sit back and enjoy the groovy sounds that take you on the ride of a lifetime. If you like to stay clean and sober, listen twice, and if you like mind-altering substances, listen thrice.

If you've only got time for one track right now, start off with Children of Blue Turtle, even though you may not understand it, you WILL LOVE IT! (We cut this for our meet the band video above in fact)

Read about it: Listen to it, write a review, and send it our way for a sweet prize!

Truth be told, I'm tired of all of these amazing artists not getting paid for all of their hard work, so I've decided to stop the "listen to it" portion of the links. But, if the band offers up a free listening service, I'm happy to point you in that direction so that they can feel the love through your clicks/taps. Click or touch the green for Blue Turtle Land on Soundcloud. When you decide on what you love the most, please defer to the "buy it" links above and spread the love! Thank you 💙


Live Story

Blue Turtle Land's shows are unparalleled, and we can't wait for you to have the chance to experience that. You can see for yourself below, but it's important to note that their love for the 60s doesn't end with tone, as they often feature Go Go Dancers (the Beehives) at their shows.

It's so damn good to watch them together that no one takes their eyes off long enough to record while they perform. So, we can't show you more than this sweet pic.

However, if you see a Blue Turtle Land show mixed with go go dancers, cancel all your plans and GO GO!!

Here's what to expect at a BTL live gig:

-Fucking KEYTAR! Literally everyone who sees them for the first time cannot believe it's not a 60's strat, and after 10 seconds, no one remembers 🤩

-Chanho will pound the skins with pure joy and passion

-Young will pull in the good vibes exuded by every note of every song

-You'll wish you had a joint.

Children of Blue Turtle LIVE in Seoul, courtesy of our good friend, Live KIM!


Song Story

I'm very happy with how the video below turned out, I'll keep this brief. Five not-to-miss tracks and one word each on why:

Children of Blue Turtle - Dreamy!

Clone Father - Trippy!

Winds of Change - Keytar!

The Cat Who Followed a Petal - Heavy! Rainbow Dance Floor - Groovy!

And here it is, our coup de gras, happy, trippy, fluid lyric video for Rainbow Dance Floor (an all-English song for your listening and singing pleasure)!

Thanks for reading and supporting the music! Without all of the love, it would all be lost~


~Keep RoKing my friends!~

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